Rapid Surf League

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Back in the 70s, river surfing involved riding natural river waves away from the usual surf spots. The advantages were obvious: no long journeys, often almost on your doorstep and ideal for keeping your skills up to date outside of the surfing season. 

Since then, the community has grown steadily and the boom started in the 2010s. River surfing became rapid surfing and the number of competitions continued to increase. So it was time to put the nascent competition circus on a solid footing, organise it and found a league. 

Christian Bach & Quirin Rohleder took this into their own hands and founded the Rapid Surf League, which has determined the best rapid surfers in various classes every season since 2018. However, the RSL wants to do more than just select the best. The declared aim is "to create a place where people with very different talents and characters can meet as surfers and have fun together practising the sport in a progressive, competitive form, which we all call rapid surfing." So it's also about allowing each individual member of the community to express their creativity outside of the competitive spirit.

In 2024, the RSL will have three of its own and one partner event and we at REBEL SURF are completely stoked to be supporting the RSL as an official fin partner.

But it gets even better: Five of our REBEL SURF Ambassadors - Ina Schorr, Marius Gerlach, Niklas Sandhoff, Leoni Klöckner and Konstantin Leugermann - will be competing for the best places and hopefully stand on one or two winners' podiums. In any case, we are keeping our fingers crossed.


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