Marius Gerlach

Marius Gerlach | REBEL FIN CO.

Living in Munich, Marius may be a long way from the sea, but he still manages to surf on his lunch breaks… The Eisbach is only 1 minute away from his school. Each morning he takes his surfboard to school and manages to jump in for a wave on the river during lunch time and after class. Occasionally he’d even have to sit in his lessons wet from surfing, plus Marius also managed to surf in between his final exams. Now that’s dedication. 

Now that’s schools out, Marius has even more free time to surf. He can shred all year round on the Eisbach so life is good. (As Marius is half Norwegian, it goes without saying that he obviously surfs throughout the winter too.)

Surfing is Marius’ passion and he connects everything in his life to the sport. The only occasion he takes time out from riding waves is to enjoy long walks with his beloved border collie, Kito. 

He’s a team rider for Crank Surfboards, and now he’s an ambassador for us, too. Marius is a core member of the Rebel team, testing and optimising our rapid surf gear on the river waves and wave pools in his home town.

We are stoked to have Marius in the crew and look forward to his feedback. 


Competitions 2022

Citywave Pro (Regensburg, Germany) | 3. place