Konsti Leugermann

Konstantin, affectionately known as "Konsti" to most, discovered his love for the waves far from his home in Osnabrück - more precisely on the magical island of Tenerife. Even as a young child, he discovered the fascinating world of waves, initially with a life jacket on his Bodyboard and his father as a faithful companion and “motor" in tow. Even when windsurfing, the two shared a board, but over time Konsti became more and more skilful and his father is often only the second winner.

However, wave riding is Konsti's greatest passion, and since 2018 he has finally found his own "home spot" - the artificially generated Hasewelle, powered by eco-friendly green energy. Here he trains several times a week and successfully takes part in contests in various wave pools and river waves across Europe. In 2020 and 2023 he secured the title of German Vice Champion for juniors and is now in the top 10.

In his free time, Konsti loves to immerse himself in nature, whether it's on a mountain bike, skis, or a snowboard—after all, snow is just frozen water. He reinforces his Waterman ambitions through activities like wakeboarding and dryland training on a surf skateboard.

Konsti's deep connection to nature was instilled in him from an early age, as both of his parents grew up in the countryside. This is reflected in his strong commitment to sustainability. For this reason, he has been a long-time fan of RebelFin and is excited to actively contribute to its development. Sustainability and his love for water go hand in hand for Konsti, representing his profound appreciation for the environment.


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