From France to Senegal

From France to Senegal

Paco and Isis share their lives and a big dream: travelling from their home country France to Senegal with their van, dog Foster and their surfboards. Paco has long been one of our ambassadors and Isis is a permanent member of the REBEL SURF network. Both will be providing you with reports, photos and adventures on their journey through Africa over the coming months.

The start of the trip had to be postponed because Paco had to undergo various operations following a surfing accident. He is (almost) recovered and the adventure begins.


Part 1: Preparations and first stop Spain

"After a difficult year for Paco's health, and given that our motorhome has broken down, it was time to find our new home on wheels..."

Part 2: Spain, Galice to Portugal

"After two weeks on the road, we arrived in Asturias. Our friend Simon and his trusty T4 have joined us for part of the trip..."


Part 3: Morocco

"We arrived in Morocco on December 6 after a rather turbulent crossing. We passed through border control and then drove to the mountains and the town of Chefchaouen, a beautiful blue city renowned as the hashish capital..."


Part 4: Sahara

"The entire Sahara coast is an area guarded by the military. They are stationed every 500m along the beaches and cliffs. Some are very welcoming, allowing us to sleep on the spot and even offering to come and drink tea, while others forbid us to access the coast."


Part 5: Mauritania

"Last fill-up before Mauritania, the pump attendant warns us that there is not much chance of finding petrol before Nouakchott, about 500km. It's going to be tricky, but we make the attempt with a small jerry can on the roof..."


Part 6: Senegal

"We did our first shopping in Senegal in a supermarket and found that everything was extremely expensive because it was imported. But it was the return of the beer that Paco had been waiting for..."


Part 7: Return:

"On the way back we got stuck in the sand several times, and once we hit a stone in a sandpit with the engine oil sump. [...] We immediately stopped the car. There's nothing around and we're afraid we've jammed the engine..."


Part 8: Return continued

"On board the ferry, we remember every moment of our journey, every emotion we shared. There's a hint of nostalgia as our journey comes to an end..."




The whole adventure will be out on video! Isis and Paco kept the camera rolling throughout the entire trip and created a fantastic travel film with breathtaking images.

Be the first to see "Itinerance". Isis and Paco are coming on June 20th for the German premiere to Hamburg in the Rebel Store. Register and write an email to

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