Paco Elissalde REBEL FIN CO.

Paco grew up in the beautiful Basque Country amongst nature. At the age of 6 his father introduced him to surfing, where he progressed on through surf clubs and competitions, before finding himself attracted to a more retro style of board riding, favouring long carves over classic shortboarding. "I get just as much pleasure from longboarding in small conditions as I do from twin surfing on committed slabs.”

He spends his time traveling, in search of the most unspoilt waves in the world. "For me, surfing is about being free, in nature, away from all our worries.” When he’s back in France he lives with his photographer girlfriend in a camper van.

“As the years pass, I have noticed and been saddened by the pollution in our oceans. I like Rebel Fins as it puts an ecological aspect above everything else.”

Paco Elissalde REBEL FIN CO