Lottie Lewis

Lottie Lewis | EBEL FIN CO.

Growing up in beautiful Cornwall, constantly in the water and on the coast paths, inspiration has surrounded Lottie in abundance. Words came to her easily from a young age and becoming a freelance writer had always been her plan.

She works with a range of clients, all of which are linked by their love for what they do and how they do it. She adores working with brands that are passionate about their business and whose ethics and morals run deep within what they do. Lottie is obsessed with nature and the ocean (and her dog), and always strives to do her bit to protect it, be that by doing mini beach cleans, encouraging others to be conscious of marine life, buying from sustainable brands and reusing, reducing, repurposing and recycling as much as possible!

With a background in creative marketing, account management and published long form content, she loves to lend her words to others when they are lost for them. Lottie is a Rebel Fins ambassador, as well as being our go-to words girl. She writes our social schedules, proofs are texts to make sure everything is written in the ‘Queens English’ and works with other creatives to make dreamy Cornish content for us.

Furthermore was she acting and surfing for our short "The Cornish Collaboration part 1" from Clare James with the music from Scotch & Water from DevilDuck Music.

When she’s not glued to her laptop writing for Rebel and her other Lottie’s Words clients, you’ll find Lot working in a zero-waste plastic-free store, swimming and sliding in the cold Cornish sea, walking her dog and drinking tea (or wine) with friends.

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