Jörg Tresp / DevilDuck Records

Jörg Tresp
For more than half of his life, Jörg has dedicated himself to developing and promoting young artists and musicians. The Hamburg native does this through his label DevilDuck Records, which supports artists from Canada, America, Great Britain, Scandinavia and Germany. He focuses his attention on emerging indie pop / rock, singer / songwriter and folk, but also thrives on harder rock tones too. 

Jörg has also been working as a music business lecturer for BIMM (British and Irish Institute of Modern Music) and Deutsche Pop for over 15 years. He hopes to inspire more young people and engage them in his music production business. 

After studying “rather boring courses” in business administration and social economics, he discovered the music industry. He worked at Public Propaganda, Edel and Warner Music Germany where he was allowed to call himself “Head of Rock / Alternative”, before starting his own business with DevilDuck Records in 2004. 

And DevilDuck Records connected us to Scotch & Water, the band from Hamburg that contributed the wonderful song "Floralia" to our "The Cornish Collaboration"Video.

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