Clare James | REBEL FIN CO.

Clare’s not sure if she’s a photographer addicted to surfing or a surfer addicted to photography. Whatever the case, her love of the sea fuels both passions. Even as a small child she’s always loved jumping in the sea, whatever the weather, and sometimes even fully dressed!

Clare first discovered her love of surfing in 2009 when she moved to Falmouth, Cornwall, to study. One day she borrowed a foamy for fun and from that day on she was hooked. Today she lives in Newquay on the north coast, where she can walk to the beach from her house. Surfing is as much a part of her daily routine as eating and drinking. There’s nothing that stokes her creative photography spirit more than a strong coffee and a morning surf. 

Her photography career began when she was working as an underwater photographer and dive instructor in Mexico. Clare is extremely passionate about protecting the environment and six months later she started her first photography project to raise awareness for marine pollution. She is now a successful photographer and videographer and chooses to work with sustainable surf and clothing brands.

For REBEL FIN she shot the video "Cornish Collaboratoin part 1" with Lottie Lewis as an actor and surfer and the music of Scotch & Water from DevilDuck Records.

We are hooked on Clare. We love her passion for the sea and her consistently sustainable lifestyle. We didn’t have to persuade her for long to create a surf short for us, featuring her friend and Rebel Fins ambassador Lottie Lewis on the Cornish coast. 

We are so happy to have Clare in our network and are excited to work alongside each other to make our world as sustainable as possible.


Clare on Insta /  Clare James Photography / Video: The Cornish Collaboration part 1