Lottie Lewis

Raised on the north coast of Cornwall, Lottie has always been a child of the water and still calls the small county her home to this day. There she can do what she likes best; surfing with friends, swimming, finding secret spots, hiking and writing. When she's not traveling the world with her board and dog Nica, she lives in a van on a small farm in backcountry Cornwall.

Lottie is happiest at the seaside and her passion for the ocean has made her a committed fighter for the environment. Taking care of the natural world has always been in her nature. Nowadays she works for eco-charity The 2 Minute Foundation, founders of the #2minutebeachclean initative. The organisation aims to encourage small acts environmental care that will make a big difference down the line.

Surfing, the sea, environmental protection and sustainability are all passions we share with Lottie. Rebel Fin is very happy to welcome Lottie to the Ambassador Team and we are excited to see where the journey will take us. Together we want to make our world a little better.

Lottie on Insta

Lottie's hiking trip through Cornwall