Traveling Ireland to El Salvador

We arrived in Dublin airport at 3am after 2 hours trying to talk our way onto the flight they weren't taking us, are board bags were two big, then became the next task. How are we getting there?



We sat in the corner of the airport trying to figure out our options. It was looking bleak as the rest of the country started to wake up and others came in to work. We started getting more help. It wasn't till about 1pm until we had a plan.

After 17hrs of waiting in Dublin airport we boarded a flight to Madrid.

After arriving in Madrid with very little plan other than getting a flight 2 days later to continue on to El Salvador we were going to try our hand on getting on an earlier flight.

We met a lovely woman working with iberia airlines who hooked us up and got us on a flight the next day.

So we picked up our board bags which became our bed for the night on the floor of the airport. We put our heads down at 3am to only be woken up at 5am by security.

We arrived in El Salvador tired, emotional but relieved after a 50hr journey that should have only taken 18hrs.


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