El Sunzal

After arriving in El Sunzal sleep deprived and high spirited our team mate was there and had dinner ready for us. We ate and went to bed.




First day starts with no alarm wake up, which still is a 4am rising. We de-wax boards, re-waxed them. A bit of breakfast and surf, then food shop and just like that were all settled in, forgotten the difficult journey and started to think about comp/training and other preparations.


We start by making a routine. 

4:30am Stretch, 5am breakfast, 5:30am begin our descent down the hill for a surf. 

Surf rest, water, break surf again 

Then hike back up to the house where our calves would be burning from the steep hill. We would jump in the pool to cool down and then make a big second breakfast. 


After breakfast we load up the clips from the morning sessions go through them together and work:

  • Focus on how to adapt our skills and technique to the wave to maximize scoring opportunities.
  • Broke down technique for suttle improvement (were not trying to learn anything new just build on what we have)


Rest, surf again, eat and asleep by 8pm.



And the next day was the same until the comp started.


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