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DevilDuck Records

DevilDuck Records "Tired Like Dirt" - Vinyl

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"DevilDuck Records will be 20 years old this year and of course we want to celebrate this somehow, including with a corresponding label compilation featuring 13 of our acts.

Of course, you always have semi-creative thoughts on such anniversaries, for example whether it wouldn't be great if DD artists covered each other's songs or contributed totally rare demos to the compilation, but in the end I think it's best if the acts simply contribute their favourite songs and that's that.

That's how it turned out, of course, and in addition to bands we've been working with for a while, there are 6 (!) acts at the start that we only took under our label arms last year. Of course, we still love Canadian acts (Marissa Burwell, Gunner & Smith, The Dead South) and German ones are no longer the exception when they sing in English (Scotch & Water, Palila, Would, Wisent, Merlin Hydes, Kommando Kant), but we finally have a British band (Conscious Pilot) and a few US bands (The Macks, The Fourth Wall, Timesbold) in the DD stable.

Nevertheless, a cover made it onto the record and we've had a relationship with The Dead South for over 10 years now, so the exception proves the famous rule - it's also by far the most successful DevilDuck band and shows how much in this music industry is based on chance, because when I discovered them in Toronto, almost nobody knew them and they played a super-late set, which is not my thing.... I wanted to leave after one song, but they literally blew me away and so I stayed until the end and even got a T-shirt from singer Nate Hilts.

Ultimately, "20 Years - Tired Like Dirt" also proves what motivates me most about running a label, because that is discovering new artists and engaging with their music as well as the sometimes somewhat tired attempt to develop it a little further in order to make a small niche out of a tiny little niche. This is rarely successful and not losing the fun in the process is certainly the biggest challenge, but what could be better than supporting art that is close to my heart and artists who deserve it in order to walk a part of the musical path together."

(Jörg Tresp, DevilDuck Records)


01 The Fourth Wall - Darkness Of Heart 
02 Palila - The Long Run
03 The Macks - Comfort Flow
04 Gunner & Smith - Edge Of The Water
05 Marissa Burwell - You're Not Trying Very Hard
06 The Dead South - Chop Suey
07 Conscious Pilot - Modern Religion 08Scotch & Water - Fire
09 Would - Remember
10 Kommando Kant - The Theatre
11 Merlin Hydes - Like Gold
12 Wisent - A Sea To Scream At
13 Timesbold - Constant State Of Goodbye