Rodrigo Cumba


For Rod, the sea has always been ‘the place to be’. Raised by a fishing family, he grew up on the south Brazilian coast in a small town called Tabuda. Alongside fishing, surfing was also a huge part of family life. Rod was surrounded by professional surfers from a young age and start competing early on. However, for him the attraction of surfing wasn’t the competition circuit; it was in trying new things and testing his limits, and he quit competing in pursuit of what made him happiest. 

As a musician, music has paved his way for discovering a philosophical connection with surfing and the ocean. Understanding the rhythm of the waves and combining them with new techniques is not only his personal passion but something that brings him back to the original roots of surfing.

Rod’s way of surfing is an expression of his personality and he feels equipment and kit are an extremely important aspect of the sport. He now lives in Lisbon, where he and other surf rebels are always on the lookout for new and innovative styles.

We’re proud to supply Rod with twin fins that combine classic style with more aggressive moves. He’s been on the team since 2016 and we are stoked to accompany and support him on his search. 

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