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"First of all you have to know that we are not surfers, at least not the ones you are used to. We prefer football, a good bottle of wine, and some nice Portuguese food and friends to go along with it. The truth is that we started to make surfboards, not only because we love the waves and the ocean, but also because we didn't relate with the surf scene or the surfers around us, and we just wanted to do something for us and our friends.

Simple, fun and adequate surfboards for every type of wave and surfer.

LISBON CROOKS is not a surf brand. Fuck all that. We make surfboards for us and our friends to surf. Our goal is to make people happy while experiencing surfing in Lisbon and Portugal.

We are not in this to make money, this is the way we live and we are glad to be able to share it with you.

We don't want to be a big surfboard brand, because we believe that producing and consuming less is the key to do good to ourselves and the planet.

We don't produce surfboards to have in stock. We just do custom surfboards by order, and we only have a selection of ten test surfboards that everyone can test, rent, buy and exchange.

We are glad to be a small project making, our friends and new friends, surfing with surfboards that make them happy.

If you are coming to Lisbon let us know. If you need anything, send us an email and/or visit us.

We are here, always happy to make new friends."

(Quote Lisbon Crooks)

Lisbon Crooks have designed two boards exclusively for Rebel:

5'10'' Fishtail

7'0'' Mid Length

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