Louis‘s Diary: March 4th - 11th


Saturday, March 4th 

I have had a busy two weeks. 

I returned to France and spent every day with friends, having drinks and talking crap in my native language. 

Louis Memain | REBEL FIN CO.

Louis Memain | REBEL FIN CO.

It's good to be able to express yourself as you wish, without restraint and without looking like a foreigner.

My girlfriend joined me for a few days. I was able to show her my country and introduce her to my friends. 

Louis Memain | REBEL FIN CO.

Louis Memain | REBEL FIN CO.

The waves were really great during my stay but I didn't spend much time surfing. I preferred spending time with my family and friends and enjoying good French wine. 

Louis Memain | REBEL FIN CO.

Louis Memain | REBEL FIN CO.

I ate a lot of good food before going back to the land of fish and chips.



Saturday, March 11th 

It was snowing outside in the morning, but I was warm at my girlfriend's place. I walked with her to work before going surfing. 

The waves were 1 small metre in size and there were beautiful waves to longboard at the foot of some snowy mountains. There were 3 of us in the water until another longboarder came along. We got chatting quickly, one thing led to another and we started to talk about work. 

Louis Memain | REBEL FIN CO.

"Are you looking for a job? I have one for you if you want, and this afternoon!"

It’s the easiest job to understand but also the most physical one I've ever done. The goal is simple: Plant a forest. 

I planted 400 trees yesterday.

We worked standing up, trying not to bend over to preserve our backs. With a shovel and our boots, we planted these future trees which will be cut down in 15 years, maybe 20. 

Don’t think that we worked in a flat and easy field. Everywhere was mud, brambles and tree stumps. 

We worked for 4 hours. I am not paid by the hour but by the task. For 100 trees, I earn 13€, under the table of course… 

I slept like a baby after that. 

No waves today but lots of trees to plant, and in the rain this time. 

Everything is going well with my girlfriend. 

Pura vida.


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