Louis‘s Diary: January 31st - February 11th


Thursday, January 31st 

I was sick for week. It felt long. 
Working in these conditions was not the easiest, but it did it! 
I left my job to find another one. I start in a week as a mason! This will be an opportunity for me to make more money and to learn a job that interests me a lot more than bartending. 
I was in Galway with my girlfriend last weekend. It was a charming city where we
partied a lot. 
I had to go and see the Cliffs of Moher. 

Louis Memain | REBEL FIN CO.

I didn't surf but I will definitely go back soon, the waves look incredible there! 
I was able to surf 2m waves yesterday and today, with only 3 of us in the water.
Louis Memain | REBEL FIN CO.

Despite all that, I'm looking forward to one thing: summer! It's hard to get motivated to put on a wetsuit and to go into water that feel like it's only getting colder. 

I often sleep at my girlfriend's place who welcomes me kindly. We usually have dinner with her roommates while drinking a few beers. My level of English is improving, I almost always understand what they say, it's cool! 

The French unemployment office summoned me several weeks ago and I never went to the appointment, I just didn't open my emails. This is very unfortunate because I might get fired. I'm doing my best to work things out and have asked them for a webcam appointment... To be continued.

Is Ireland a good place to visit in winter? Yes! But maybe not in a truck and without heating... 

The Irish are always so nice and welcoming. I really like this country.


Louis Memain | REBEL FIN CO.



Saturday, February 4th 

My surfing life is absolutely non-existent. I think more about seeing my girlfriend, going swimming or walking than surfing. Sometimes it's good to have a change of scenery. I’m more looking forward to learning masonry than getting barrelled! Life is surely like that. I'm not in any way down, I just want to change my life a bit. 
I spent the last few days with my girlfriend in love. 

There were beautiful waves but the desire was not there. I blame everything on the weather (3C*). It's a rubbish excuse I know - the fault lies with me, not with the sky. 

Life is still good and I feel good enough in Ireland to stay here, with or without surfing.


Sunday, February 5th 

I surfed clean lines for a 4 hours non-stop. Alone most of the time, under the sun and with offshore winds. It feels good. 

Louis Memain | REBEL FIN CO.

A few beers in the pub and went to bed early, the waves are coming tomorrow. Cool!




Saturday, February 11th 

The guy I was supposed to work with cancelled. So I spent a week surfing great waves and seeing my girlfriend. 

I'm starting to know a few people in the area, it's nice. 
I'm going back to France on Tuesday for two weeks. My girlfriend will join me for a few days - I’m going to show her my world and my waves! 

The truck runs perfectly. It’s still so cold. I learnt recently that in Ireland, surfers don't take off their booties until the end of June. I can't believe it.

Crazy country!

Louis Memain | REBEL FIN CO.


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