Louis‘s Diary: January 10th -20th


Tuesday, January 10th

Well, nothing special is happening to me at the moment. Just washing my truck because of the scabies and rotten waves for the past week. It may last another week. Any change? I've been seeing the same girl for 2 weeks and we'd both like to continue like this... 

Cold, wet and short day. Ireland is cool when there are waves. If there is none and you are in a truck, it's less fun.

Louis Memain | REBEL FIN CO.


Monday, January 16th 

I'm getting to know the area where I've been hanging out for a couple of months now well enough to know where and when to score. 

It's nice to feel comfortable and know a few people. 

Unfortunately, in 10 days I've only surfed lousy waves blown out by the wind. 
I read a lot and spent a lot of time with my girlfriend. 

I start working tomorrow in a pub. It's a roadside pub restaurant. 
The hours look good for a surfer, and I really need the money. 

The trip goes on, but I might settle here for a while! To be continued. 

Louis Memain | REBEL FIN CO.
I just spent a day in the snow (-4). It's tingling. Thank God I have access to a hot shower when I want.



Friday, January 20th

The job is going well, I've never worked as a waiter in my life because I always found it quite unfulfilling, but doing it in English is really fun! 

I've had the flu for 2 days, I must have caught a cold while sleeping in the truck.

It's still snowing. Great waves but I don't go in the water. I don't feel well enough.

Louis Memain | REBEL FIN CO.



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