Louis‘s Diary - Day 21-25


Day twenty-one: 21-11-22

No waves but nice rides. 

I spent the evening dancing at a party with a group of 60 year olds to live music! 


Day twenty-two: 22-11-22

After a rather difficult wake up, I went to surf at “Whitesand Beach". There was about ten of us in the water. It was still nice. 

Then I took the road to Pembroke. I was supposed to go to the pub but I'll have a big night and visit some nice places tomorrow. 

I ask someone about fishing. There are plenty of bars (not pubs) and mackerel in Ireland. That might keep me busy as I listen to the waves. I'll have to see.



Day twenty-three: 23-11-22

Lazy morning.

After a great English breakfast in Pembroke, I went for a walk along the coast. 

On the way to Bristol an oil light came on telling me my oil was too high. I’d had this problem before I left France. 

As I was removing it with my pump, a sexagenarian stopped and told me to smell my extracted oil. 
"Smells like diesel?"

Ok, so that could mean a lot of things. The most likely would be that one of my injectors was not doing it's job anymore.

Not good! I have no money left at all and all this means expensive repairs. 
I have no choice but to drive at the moment. First to Hollyhead an then from Dublin to Sligo, 4 hours.

In the meantime I'm going to do an oil change, which I'll do every 1000km so that my engine is of good enough quality to drive normally. Changing an injector is really not in my budget. 

Hopefully I manage to get to Sligo (please god).

I'll surf there for a week or two before I get a job. The priority will be to find a car, then save enough money to pay for the truck repairs. 

I'm thinking big for this trip. I don't want to go home with my tail between my legs because my truck broke down or because I think it would be easier to fix it in France. I really don't want to go back, obviously. 

More tomorrow.


Day twenty-four: 24-11-22

A day on the road. I set off for Hollyhead. I'll have another hour to drive tomorrow to catch the ferry. 

The truck ran perfectly and the oil change went well. 

See you tomorrow.


Day twenty-five: 25-11-22

Bye bye UK! This stay has warmed me up for Ireland. 
I have fond memories of Scotland and its waves. 

The Scots, English and Welsh were very nice. Always ready to help you or to mess around! 

The waves are going to be huge the next few days. I have 2 or 3 spots to check out but generally speaking, I don't know where I'm going to stop. We'll see on the spot! 

I've been planning to go to Ireland for exactly two and a half years now, so I CAN'T WAIT! 


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