Louis‘s Diary - Day 19-20


Day nineteen: 16-11-22

A day in love.

We spent 4 hours looking for waves, we stopped as soon as the place was nice. We saw a bit of the Gower Peninsula. Very inhabited and a little too seaside for my taste. That said, it's a great coastline and I'm sure the waves are very good. Unfortunately I didn't have very good conditions or the knowledge of the spots.

Louis Memain Rebel Fin CO.

Like every evening we went to the local pub for a few beers. The Welsh people are really nice and welcoming. 

I'm leaving for Ireland on November 22nd. I've been waiting for this moment for 2 years now. 

I recently looked at their forecast and frankly it's not funny, 5m swell and big offshore wind, it promises!


Day twenty: 17-11-22

We woke up early to go to the Pembrokeshire peninsula. 

It is wilder but the waves were not there. The wind was ruining the few waves we could use. 

So we walked all day. Small authentic English villages and greasy food washed down with beers. 

Louis Memain Rebel Fin CO.
Louis Memain Rebel Fin CO.

I still got in the water before dark on a bad windy beach break. 
We ate at the pub and shared a few drinks with the locals. 

The days are mild and pleasant for two. Time is short, in a few days our paths will part for a long time.


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