Julian Delaunay

Julian grew up on the exposed coast of Brittany and has felt connected to the sea from an early age. It's no surprise that he started surfing early on, especially as his parents have always been into water sports. His sporting interests reach past surfing to skateboarding, windsurfing and snowboarding.

He's been surfing seriously since he was 11 and always praises the coaches at the Surfing Sardine surf school in Crozon. The small team not only spent time surfing along the French coast, but also had the opportunity to search England and Ireland for waves too.

Julian’s top priority when it comes to surfing is having fun with his friends and family. He’d like to take part in competitions soon, but he’s not in a hurry and likes to take it easy - much like here at Rebel Fin! 

Since our relationship with Julian has developed, he’s become deeply involved in testing and optimising our Thrusters and Twinnies. 

Julian is also supported by JB Marchant from MABÉ Surfboards, a top shaper from Crozon. In addition to this we are proud to welcome him into the Rebel Fin team and supply him with fins for his new MABÉ boards! We are excited to see where Julian’s surfing takes him. 

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