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Freja’s home life is the perfect environment for a young grom. The sea is practically on the doorstep of her family home in the small costal town in Løkken on the northernmost tip of Denmark and both her parents and her younger twin sisters are surfers too, and they paddle out together on a daily basis. 

Surfing north of Cold Hawaii isn’t for the faint-hearted and Freja and her family brave the water all year round. The ocean is their ‘happy place’ and training ground. She doesn’t only surf for fun; Freja competes in longboard competitions and recently took part in the Danish Surf Tour. In the future she’d like to prove her skills at European competitions too. 

As their second home, the sea is very important to Freja and the Kristensen’s, and they do whatever they can to protect it. Their values are in line with ours and we are looking forward to supporting the family with sustainable surf equipment in the future.

Big things have come from little Freja, and it’s been a pleasure to be a part of her surfing journey. She was recently featured alongside Finn Springborn in the new short film, Choosing New Directions, produced and directed by Philipp Sigmund.

Together with Freja we have developed a new 9" single fin made of recycled fiberglass material, which is a real eye-catcher with its extravagant design. Freja was an integral part in the development of the fin, which was named after Freja's hometown Løkken.

Welcome to the team Freja! 

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