"Epic Adventure Chronicles: Cornwall Bound for Boardmasters" mit Freja Kristensen

"Epic Adventure Chronicles: Cornwall Bound for Boardmasters" with Freja Kristensen

The Boardmasters Surf Festival is an annual event in Cornwall, where anticipation meets exploration, and where every wave tells a story. After a couple of days from the event, we met Freja Kristenson from Denmark, who took part in the contest as a Rebel Surf teamrider next to Joao Dantas (Portugal) and Beth Leighfield (UK).

From their departure to the moments that unfolded on foreign shores, this is a narrative of their unforgettable journey to the heart of the Boardmasters experience.


'The trip was a tale meant to be told and retold. After an earlier trip to England, the urge to return was undeniable, especially for the Boardmasters. With Thilde Sofie Rasmussen as my travel partner, and a little help from the one and only Kim (aka dad), our journey was set. Packed car and eager hearts, we hit the road for Cornwall. Yes, we drove – a long drive, but having the van there was a game-changer. No more car-packing marathons, just uninterrupted driving.

After reaching Cornwall, and a tad of ghost hunting for our accommodation, we were all set. Isolated in the middle of nowhere, no-signal, with the company of both ghosts and our host Rosemary. She made us some fantastic breakfast in the morning if it wasn’t at 6 am…we explored the area, soaked in Newquay's vibes (despite the festival crowds), met some friends, and enjoyed the competition atmosphere.

Wednesday, we had the most magical surf with the Rebel Surf team – waves, sunset, and surroundings coming together in pure magic. Bella Rose, sweet and talented, took some lifestyle and water pictures from that evening. 




As the others were getting out of the water, me and Thilde decided to stay for a few more waves. We “forgot” that it took us 15 minutes to walk to the beach from the car. As we got out of the water and had to find our way back to the car, we got totally lost… We walked around for such a long time, waving at car (they must have thought we were crazy...!) and as one kind soul finally stopped and helped us find the car, we almost made it. We had talked about how it would be such a pity if one of us stepped in dog shit, and only 50 meters from the car, I obviously did… Bella's search for us was a heartwarming twist, and she lent me a hand (well, water) to clean up. What a day indeed.

Friday it was finally time to compete. I was in the hardest heat of my entire life. I did what I could and didn’t make it through. Still very happy about my heat and always learning something new. 

Then it was Thilde's turn, and she blazed through to the semis – an absolute legend in the making!

Sunday marked Thilde's last day in the surf and our journey to Dover. We soaked in the finals' awe-inspiring performances, relished in delicious pasties thanks to Beth, and embarked on a ferry ride to France. 12 hours of continuous driving later, Thilde's triumph shone.

Looking back, it was an amazing trip. SO much fun, so many great people and one of the best surfs in my life!

Written by

Freya (Rebel Rider)'