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Surfboard "Unity" / 7'6'' / Long Fish

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• Size: 7’6 x 22’’ x 2’’1/2
• Shape: Long Fish
• Volume: 54.8L
• Fin Set Up: Quad or Twin Fin
• Material: EPS / Marko Foam 7 Epoxy

Jean-Baptist Marchand - MABÉ Surfboards about the UNITY BOARD:

"It is my version of a long-fish. It is a fast and agile allround board for most surfers in most conditions. The Fee-Double concave at the rear, combined with a slight belly at the front gives it a very smooth glide, slightly old-school but not to much. The thin rails, quite low for that kind of board are giving it a good grip and a nice accuracy in turns. The concave deck is designed to reduce the thickness at the center of the board while keeping the volume as high as possible. It allows for a low center of gravity, which results in an increased stability and a good confort, both when surfing and paddling. It is an efficient wave catcher (not as much as a big longboard…but close to) and It can be used from knee high  (or even less…) to overhead waves. As a quad it will be fast, powerful and reliable; and as a twin more lively and fun. Personally, I have used that board as a twin with REBEL Twin Fins "pigs ears" in 0.5m to 2m waves, both flat and very hollow and it has alway been fun.

The building: EPS (Marko foam)/epoxy, no paint, no varnish, only resin tint, hand polished (which is quite rare on epoxy boards)."