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The Surfing Tribe - A history of surfing in Britain

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The Surfing Tribe

Written by renowned surf historian Roger Mansfield, The Surfing Tribe features all the characters who made the sport what it is today, including former World Junior Champion Rod Sumpter, as well as ‘Tigger’ Newling, Pete Jones, Linda Sharp, Nigel Veitch, Tim Heyland, Nigel Semmens and Carwyn Williams. The book also charts the evolution of British surfboards, and looks back at the films and magazines that have portrayed the British scene over the decades.

The Surfing Tribe second edition

Revised and updated
• 60 new photos
• New stories, new profiles
• 240 pages

Roger Mansfield’s acclaimed book uncovers the intriguing history of surfing in Britain. Read about the pioneers who built their own wooden boards in the ‘30s and ‘40s. Learn how visiting lifeguards inspired the locals in Jersey and Cornwall to take up surfing in the ‘50s and ‘60s. See how board designs evolved through the ‘70s and ‘80s. Packed with iconic photos, this is a book that will fascinate surfers of all ages.

"Encyclopedic, lovingly illustrated and peculiarly British." - Andy Martin, The Daily Telegraph

"Ably illustrates the richness of Britain’s surfing history." - Alex Wade, The Times

"Tells it like it was. Enlightening and empowering." - Tigger Newling, ’73 British Champion


Englisch | 25 cm x 21 cm | 2011 I 240 Seiten I Softcover