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  • Cold Water Eden - REBEL FIN CO.
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Cold Water Eden

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Dive headfirst into the icy embrace of the Atlantic accompanied by Richie Fitzgerald, Ireland's pioneering professional surfer. He takes you on a thrilling journey through his groundbreaking career and the untamed waves of the west coast of Ireland.

“Cold-Water Eden” is more than just a memoir; It's a gripping tale of a man with an unwavering passion for surfing, and a tribute to Ireland's emergence as a big wave surfing paradise.

What awaits you in "Cold-Water Eden":

  • The Origin of Surfing: Join Richie on the rocky shores of Bundoran, where the wild Atlantic waves were his playground and mentor. From his bold start in surfing at the age of 9 to his rise to becoming Ireland's first professional surfer
  • The challenge in Ireland: In the harsh setting of 1980s Ireland, Richie faced enormous challenges. With little equipment, he resorted to makeshift measures by sticking Marigolds over wool gloves to protect his hands from the bitter cold. Even baptismal candles were melted to make improvised surf wax.
  • A paradise of cold waves: Discover the breathtaking beauty of Ireland's west coast, a hidden gem for big wave enthusiasts. Find out how Richie conquered gigantic waves that rivaled the best in California and Hawaii, cementing Ireland's place on the world surfing map.
  • A surfing renaissance: “Cold-Water Eden” isn’t just a story of surfing triumph; it's a coming-of-age story for both Richie and Ireland as it found its unique voice in the global surf scene. Witness the birth of a surf culture that transformed Ireland into an irresistible surfing Eden.


English | 352 | Pages | Paperback | 15.3 x 23.4cm