Zuzanna Pruska

Zuzanna Pruska

"I'm like the wind, I need to move, I need to be in motion..." We are very happy to welcome Zuzanna Pruska to our team. Zuza's home is Poland, but she was dancing her way through Belgium, lives now in Portugal and will move on to the shores of California, México, Chile and Peru - Zuza is a woman driven by art. She started her creative career as a dancer in Antwerp, but when the pandemic brought her work to a halt, she went in search of a different form of movement and expression. "When I was a kid, I watched surfers on TV and found riding waves totally magical and mesmerizing, but unattainable." Suddenly, Zuza had the opportunity and the means to give it a try and decided to move to Portugal and pursue a new passion: surfing.

"It's my addiction. My mood depends on the surfing conditions. The ocean is my temple. It's where I can clear my head and find peace and freedom. I can be myself and feel good. The most important thing about surfing is for me To have the most fun and enjoy my time in the water, where I can leave the world behind and just be in the here and now, connecting with nature and enjoying how beautiful the sea is and how special riding one is wave is."

Zuza is a single fin girl through and through. Her favorite board is 'Piggy': a 9'3'' modern longboard in a "pig shape" by Kris Hall ("Of course, as a dancer, I fell in love with longboarding," she explains). Her second single fin is a 7'4" legendary medium length V-Bowls shaped by Ryan Lovelace and the third and smallest is a 6' single fin set-up retro shortboard shaped by her friend at Bipolar Surfboards.

"Single fins are my favorites. I love the easy, crunchy feel on the board. For me, surfing isn't about doing crazy maneuvers, it's about following what the wave is telling me and how it's leading me. It is like dancing: go with the flow, follow my intuition and experience special, intimate moments with every wave, because every wave speaks differently and we have to listen to it..."

Aside from surfing and dancing, Zuza can be found on her surf skate, traveling, designing and drawing, creating photos and videos, hiking, snowboarding, and generally in the great outdoors.

"I try to do my best in the environmental movement. I've been vegan for more than ten years, so it's a great honor for me to be part of an eco-friendly company like Rebel, which is committed to making positive change happen to raise awareness and be a big role model in the surfing world."

We're honored to have you with us, Zuzanna!

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