Although Zoé grew up on the rough and ragged Brittany coastline in Finisteré, the sea makes her feel calm. She feels at home when the water is in sight and the ocean holds a mystical appeal. 

Zoé started surfing when she was 4 and it’s been a huge part of her life ever since. She is now training towards a professional career at the Breton performance centre, alongside her school education. 

She is incredibly active. In addition to surfing, Zoé plays volleyball, windsurfs, cycles and walks the coastline, all whilst keeping the environment in mind. For her, marine protection is an essential component in life and she makes sure her surf lifestyle is as sustainable as possible. Whenever she’s on the beach (which is most of the time!) Zoé collects any rubbish and marine litter that she finds. 

We are so glad to have found such an ambitious ambassador and believe that together we can find new ways to make surfing even more sustainable! 

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