We present to you: "ZÉS", a group of friends as common as the diminutive “Zé”, so typical of Portugal. Brought together by the water, the art of photography, drawing and writing, this dynamic group collects ideas, friends, rides to the beach and good times.

Although they see themselves as banal and relaxed, what is certain is that ZÉS are restless when it comes to including, guiding and supporting those around them. They share the contacts they create throughout their lives and careers and make them available to the small universe of people they reach throughout Portugal.

This dynamic group of friends doesn’t start and end in the water. They frequently share ART, by distributing illustrated poetry cards in the cities they pass through in their yellow car. They describe it as a way of bringing reading and poetry into people's homes and making it accessible to young people, in an atypical, free and funny way.

They encourage HEALTH, not only through surfing, skating and other art forms, but also through a collection of t-shirts denoting mental health S.O.S. contacts from all around the world. They are currently working on a campaign to bring awareness to child abuse and neglect that is dropping soon.

ZÉS are a dynamic, kind, endless and easy going group of friends. They are always open to meeting new people and creating more bridges between seemingly unconnected areas. They encourage you to leave them a message and go hang out; "let's make some ideas collide along our beautiful, endless coast."

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