Vasco Monica

Vasco Monica Ambassador REBEL FIN

Meet Vasco, hailing from Alentejo in the south west of Portugal. A surfer since the age of 3, Vasco knew his future would always be in wave riding. He competed professionally throughout his teenage years, quickly becoming national champion. Sadly, Vasco suffered a knee injury when he was 17, stopping him from surfing entirely for a whole year. When he returned to the sport, he said, “everything changed”. 

Less interested in competing and winning, Vasco discovered a deeper love and connection the ocean. He delved into other water sports such as longboarding, spearfishing, swimming and big wave surfing. With a new found love of the sea, his only aim was to spend as much time in it as possible. 

He is also on the pursuit to create the perfect board that will allow him to enjoy and perform at his best, in any condition, and has started shaping with Bloodbrothers, a surfboard company based near Lisbon. “It’s a mid length single fin board called Pastor. It’s designed to ride waves up to 10ft and will launch in October.” If you’d like to find out more about Vasco’s board you can meet him and it at his launch party in Lisbon, where you’ll be able to catch a short film and even win one of the boards. 

We’re excited to accompany Vasco on his journey through shaping, riding giants and heading to far flung reaches of the earth to surf and explore. Follow his story here:


Vasco Monica Ambassador REBEL FIN