Tom Breen

Tom Breen | REBEL SURF CO.

Tom Breen was born into a surfing family on the south coast of Ireland, in a small seaside town blessed with consistent waves. Taking after his dad Ronan, who competed on the Irish team, Tom began surfing at the age of 6. Spending most of his time oceanside, he is also a lifeguard and heavily involved with surf-lifesaving and water safety.

In 2023 Tom won his first Irish Senior Longboard national title, he said, “My dad also won the same title 25 years earlier, so that was a big moment for my family and for Irish surfing, as we were the first father and son duo to win the same national title in Ireland.” Continuing on the competition circuit, Tom also took part in the European Longboard Championships in Portugal where he came 4th in his division. “It was a massive milestone in my surfing career."

“My love for the ocean has been with me since I was a child. I always try do my part in reducing pollution in any way I can, such as picking up rubbish I find on the beach. I am absolutely thrilled to be an ambassador for Rebel Fins and I love everything they do to help our oceans.” 

We’re thrilled to have you on the team,Tom!

Tom Breen | REBEL SURF CO.


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