The Album Club #3



Last Thursday, Jörg Tresp (Devil Duck Records) invited to the Album Club #3 at the REBEL STORE and he and his two guests presented their favorite albums of 2024. Those two guests were Journalist Sascha Krüger and singer-songwriter Luisa.

Sascha Krüger is a freelance author and journalist for magazines like Musikexpress, Guitar, Finacial Times and Business Punk, as well as a press copywriter and writer of biographys for record companies, concert agencies and book publishers. When he's not writing, he's passionate about playing drums in the Hamburg indie rock band Palila or is just as passionate about old-school techno-vinyl DJ.

Luisa decidet already as a teenager to put everything on the line, dedicated herself completely to making music and has now released three very beautiful studio albums. Her productions feature beautifully arranged tracks, but she can also win over audiences solo with just the guitar. 
Recommended play: "New Woman".

The crowning finale of the evening was the unplugged live performance by Luisa.


The favorite albums: