terrorists of beauty


Behind terrorists of beauty are two women from Hamburg who are taking on the beauty industry. With only 8,000 euros, Natalie Richter and Mar Navajas Garcia founded their soap company in December 2018.

What began as a beautiful provocation and sustainability initiative from their living room is a real success story just a few years later: the natural products of the plastic-free anti-brand from Hamburg's Sternschanze are now not only in high demand in their own webshop, but also available nationwide in selected eco-boutiques, unpackaged shops or pharmacies.

Terrorists of beauty abolishes what has been pretended for decades: flawless bodies, complicated treatments, male, female, chemical ingredients, animal testing, plastic, microplastic and overconsumption. Unisex block soaps are replacing shampoo, shower gel and facial cleanser.

Surf fins and block soaps - behind this seemingly untypical cooperation lies a common sustainability idea: together with terrorists of beauty, REBEL FIN shows the possibilities of recycling and draws attention to proper waste disposal. The first result of our cooperation is the Rapid Fin for river waves and wave pools, upcycled from 100% plastic waste collected by the terrorists of beauty community.