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Surfers Not Street Children is a globally recognized NGO supporting street children and children at risk in South Africa and Mozambique.

The model combines surfing, mentoring and support. Surfers Not Street Children works through the help of local teams of social workers, counselors, lifeguards, surf coaches and administrators. It's about identifying children who are directly endangered by the "street", building them up and successfully reintegrating them into society.

The NGO offers the kids a protected environment and development programmes in which they are integrated back into society through the power of surfing, helping them to develop into independent and self-reliant adults.

Furthermore, through targeted public relations work, attempts are made to change the view and perception of street children, ultimately in order to motivate society to treat the kids better.

The positive effects on the children are immediate. Some have progressed from "street kids" to coffee baristas, lifeguards, surf shop employees, restaurant owners, surf coaches and even pro surfers.

REBEL FIN is in full support of such a great project. We will provide Surfers Not Street Children with an infinite amount of custom, branded fins in order to complete as many surfboards for their cause as possible.


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Surfers Not Street Children | REBEL FIN CO.