STRANDET collect and recycle marine plastic into new products on the west coast of Jutland. Whilst they make a big impact regionally, STRANDET also want to be globally effective and show that plastic waste doesn’t have to be waste, but can be an extremely important, easily available and very sustainable raw material.

The heart of STRANDET is the STRANDET.lab in the small fishing village of Nørre Vorupør in northwest Denmark, in the heart of Cold Hawaii. It is a test laboratory, coffee kiosk, showroom, production facility and communication centre. Visitors, tourists and university and school groups (and other who are interested!) are invited to find out more about the regional and global problem of marine plastic and the various possible solutions, here at the lab.

In a different facility, the BEACH.lab, the collected marine plastic is sorted according to type and colour, cleaned and processed into granules, from which new products or filaments for 3D printers are then created. STRANDET are constantly working on optimising the sorting and cleaning processes, whilst also testing which plastics are best for which products.

Enter Rebel Fin. Together with STRANDET we are striving to develop and perfect surf fins from regionally collected marine plastic. Like STRANDET, we want to work nationally but also share solutions to the plastic waste problem on a global level.

STRANDET is compromised of Julie Müller and Jens Wilhelm Jørgensen. Julie, the founder and owner of STRANDET, is a trained environmental geographer and leads coordination and business development. Jens is the communications and campaign manager who is passionate about imparting knowledge about the plastic waste problem and is responsible, among other things, for teaching at the STRANDET.lab.


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