Stella Lauro

Stella Lauro | Rebel Fin

Although her love of surfing started later on, the sea has always been an important part of Stella's life. Growing up in Genova in Italy, at 14 their friendship group was joined by a surf instructor. Stella was hooked from the very first session. To her delight, she realised that the surf wasn’t solely on the west coast of Europe and that she could wave slide right on her doorstep in the Mediterranean too. Stella bought a longboard, practiced endlessly and began entering competitions both in Italy and further afield, where she instantly did well. 

Stella has recently started studying environmental economics. She feels very strongly about the connection between between surfing and conservation and knows that it’s vital to protect our oceans, not only for herself as a surfer, but for future generations too. 

“I’m convinced that we can solve the existing environmental problems we face by putting environmental protection at the forefront of our minds.” By implementing small actions, together we can make a big difference. Stella tries to set a good example by taking a few minutes during every surf check to clean the beach, whilst encouraging others to do the same. 

It’s our pleasure to welcome such a committed surfer and environmentalist onto the Rebel Fins Ambassador Team!

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