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The Smile Wave Fund is a philanthropic organisation that supports projects working in social integration and environmental protection. 

Founded in 2016, the team now work with charities and NGOs such as Provide the Slide and Surfers Not Street Children, who we also support. Smile Wave Fund is dedicated to creating awareness of environmental problems, furthering the reach of the organisations they support and improving the quality of life of small communities in education and social integration. 

The founder, Adelin Coigny, used to be an active volunteer at Sea Shepherd. After spending time within a few environmental NGOs he decided to create an organisation that could support a series of stakeholders globally, all with a very specific goal, whilst retaining a human dimension. The Smile Wave Fund strives to improve the quality of life of communities and allow them to see their environment in a new and more aware way.

"The earth is formed of a series of ecosystems that depend on each other, reminding us that the whole of mankind depends on this fragile equilibrium. Let’s preserve this planet and its inhabitants.”

We are proud to support the Smile Wave Fund and have already initiated something concrete:

Smile Wave Found Charity Fins

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