Eliott | REBEL FIN CO:

Introducing Eliott of Skurf!

Passionate about all sliding and riding sports, he’s designed 10 skateboards for us that are available in the Rebel shop.

Originally from the mountains of Haute-Savoie, Eliot grew up playing ice hockey during his school years, before moving to Brittany in Crozon where his love of surfing and skateboarding bloomed.

With a passion for street art and drawing, Eliot now studies arts and graphic design in Nantes, and has developed his own brand, Skurf. Inspired by street artists, life experiences, travel and encounters, Eliot creates visuals through painting, engraving and drawing on skateboards, and is hoping to turn his hand to surfboards soon, too. .

We’re stoked with the boards that Eliot has created for us and we’re looking forward to what the future holds for the Rebel x Skurf collaboration!

Get one of his skate decks!

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Skurf Eliott | REBEL FIN CO.