Simona Schatzmann

Simona Schatzmann | REBEL SURF CO. 

Simona's uncle is to blame for her kite passion. Kiting himself for 15 years, he invited her family to his favorite surf spot Cabarete in the Dominican Republic and let everyone do a kite course. It only took Simona 50 meters on the water to be "completely hooked". Her first goal: to become as good as he other kiters on the beach. 

At home she rummaged through the social media channels and met professional kiters like Paula Novotna and Rita Arnaus and saw the possibilities of kiting. From then on, the holidays were all about hanging on the kite and getting better. As soon as she was allowed to drive a car, she rattled around her home country of Switzerland for kitesurfing opportunities. For the last three years she has been on the go in her bus in search of wind. 

But kiting is much more for her: van life, meeting friends, the cold beer after the session and of course being together.

There are moments of weak wind in Switzerland too, but then she switches to other water sports such as wakesurfing, wingfoiling, pumpfoiling or she stays on land for biking, climbing and strength training.

Three years ago she started strapless and she loves it. For her it is a completely new kiting with new challenges and opportunities. She's now a two-time Swiss Champion in the Strapless Freestyle Women category and we think that's just the beginning.


 Simona Schatzmann | REBEL SURF CO.


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