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Ruby Know | REBEL SURF CO.


Ruby has her roots right on the shores of the Maharees in Ireland, right in the middle of surfing paradise. She and her family have been exploring the water since she was little, and when she was 18 she finally threw herself into a surfing adventure. Now, at 25, she competes in surfing competitions, enjoys time in the water with her friends and teaches surfing in the family business.

Thanks to her surf-crazy family, she has already explored several spots around the world. Surfing has become her passion. But wait, there is actually room for other action: Ruby is not only into boards, but also has a passion for foiling, skateboarding, snorkeling, hiking and sailing.

“The ocean means a lot to me. A wonderful place where I can do all sorts of things and stay active. It helps me relax and take a break from all the technological change. The sea does so much for us, which is exactly why it is important to take care of it. It is a special place that makes me happy, challenges me and gives me a strong connection to nature."

From California to Portugal, Ruby will be rocking contests this year, and we're excited to support her with our Rebel Finns! In addition to the contests, she will also be supporting the "Ladies Salty Sundays" sessions as part of the project.

Mega success at the upcoming events, Ruby, and welcome to the team!


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Ruby Knox | REBEL SURF CO.