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Growing up on the picturesque Maharees in Ireland, Ruby was surrounded by the soothing embrace of the ocean. The Maharees may have a small surf community, but the pull of the water was undeniable, shaped her family's passion and became the setting of Ruby’s journey.

The family's water sports business fascinated her from an early age. Regardless of the weather - wet, rainy, windy or sunny - the beach was her playground. Surfing, windsurfing, or simply messing around in the water became a way of life.

Surfing, however, wasn't an immediate calling. While her family enjoyed being in the the water, it took until the age of 18 for her to fully embrace the art of surfing. „Right now, with the age of 25, I'm doing competition surfing, enjoying time in the water with my friends, and also teaching surfing at our family business.

Besides surfing, Ruby also loves other activities. Whether foiling, skateboarding, snorkeling, hiking, sailing or just being outside with friends.

„The ocean means a lot to me. It's a fun place where I can do all sorts of things and stay active. It helps me relax and take a break from technology. I think it's important to take care of the ocean because it does so much for us. It's a special place that gives me happiness, challenges, and a strong connection to nature.“

From California to Portugal: This year she’ll take part in a number of competitions and we’re stoked to be supporting her with our Rebel fins! Besides participating in several surf contest, she is giving some surfing sessions within the project „Ladies Salty Sundays“.

Good luck for the upcoming events and welcome to the team Ruby!


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Ruby Knox | REBEL SURF CO.