RSL Hannover Pro



The final venue for the RSL 2024 was the Leinewelle in Hanover. The host Leinewelle eV did everything to put on a first-class event and it more than succeeded. The wave was in top form, the surfers were in top shape and the sun was shining.
Our female ambassadors were not strting, but we would like to draw attention to the young, exceptional talent Lisa Boos , who came in third place straight away. We will definitely be hearing more from her!



In the men's competition, it remained exciting for our ambassadors right up to the last round. Konstantin Leugermann took fifth place and Niki Sandhoff was able to work his way past Ron Köller in the final to take third place and climb onto the winner's podium.

Niki Sandhoff


Konstantin Leugermann

The overall league season victory went to Marius Gerlach , who deservedly won. But it wasn't easy: in the final call he had to pull out all the stops against Toni Maier. In the first call Toni shone with technical maneuvers and many visitors already saw him as the winner. But Marius kept his nerve and took advantage of a mistake by Toni in the second call to confidently overtake him for first place.



We can hardly believe it, but the overall overall ranking of the Rapid Surf League 2024 is completely occupied by our REBEL SURF ambassadors.

1. Marius Gerlach
2. Niki Sandhoff
3. Konstantin Leugermann

We are completely stoked about the level of skills, endurance and nerve that all participants, especially our ambassadors Marius, Niki, Konstantin, Ina Lena and Leonie, demonstrated at the Rapid Surf League 2024. 

As a support partner of the Rapid Surf League 2024, we would definitely like to thank you for the great cooperation at all events. 

And that was the end of the 2024 season from a sporting perspective at the Hannover PRO / AM 2024. With Aksinia and Marius, we have chosen two great champs who were able to assert themselves as the best rapid surfers of this season over very different waves. At the same time, we have been able to observe how the level has increased again since 2023 and the individual top performances for women and men are becoming increasingly closer together. Nevertheless, all events were friendly, fair and inspired - you have to do that first! We would like to thank all participants for this and look forward to the coming season. GET ON BOARD. GET STOKED!



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