PROVIDE THE SLIDE give unwanted surfboards new life by collecting the crafts and donating them to clubs and communities in West Africa. The boards are repaired and transported as complete sets along with a bag, fins and a leash, to four of their African partners. Provide The Slide have two main goals in mind: 

Functional recycling: unused surfboards become once again wanted and valued. This means less to landfill whilst easing the ecological impact of each board. 

Motivation: surfing empowers. By taking part in such a challenging sport, young people may realise that they can do whatever they set their minds to. Surfers also gain a new perspective of the ocean as a place that deserves and needs protecting. 

Many of the boards are donated without fins. Therefore, we have stepped in to provide the charity with sustainable fins, ensuring the surfboards reach Africa ready to be ridden. 

Rebel Fin are also selling special edition charity fins of which 100% of proceeds go to Provide The Slide. 

Want to get involved? You can donate via their website or give them your old surfboard. Check out their website for all the information.