The journey: Ambassadors of Rebel fin Tom and Ruby head to El Salvador with the Irish Longboard Team to represent Ireland in the Longboarding Championships. Follow our Journey through the rebel website to see what it's like and what happens mostly will be surfing. 

Part 1: Preparation before we go
While we may be on the same team and doing everything we can do to train and get ready it can look very different for both of us while one in Tramore on the SE coast and the other somewhere on the SW to NW coast.


First thing we have to find the money so we can afford to go. It’s pretty much completely self funded. The Irish surfing association will send a manager with us this year and pay our entry fee, they support us best they can. 

We tend to fundraise separately. 

Ned O’Sheas construction and Parkgate Coffee financially supported me with some of the cost.

My mom Knitted me loads of hats to sell.

I ran a longboard Workshop with the West Coast Surf Club.

County Sligo Surf Club wanted help and to do a fun comp unfortunately it was flat so the event didn’t happen. However people still came down and we had a coffee and everyone had a laugh watching me trying to catch a wave in my boardies.


The rest I’ll pay for myself

Jamie Knox Watersports are always great for letting me take bits and bobs I need from the shop. ;)

All the support shown by my friends, family and the surf communities is so encouraging and inspiring. Really makes you feel like the country behind you :) Thank you to everyone and I hope to make you all proud.


4 days till we fly out.
The nerves are building, the mind is starting to race.

Do I have everything? 

Am I ready? 

God, I want to do well! 

All I can do is my best. 

I feel kinda self conscious. 

I gotta just keep getting ready


Just surf

Just have fun

Ahhhh get out of your head Ruby

I tell myself “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”

The To-do list is almost done. Start packing in the next few days now I THINK i’ve got everything. 

Today I will practice mindfulness, kindness to myself so as not to add too much pressure to myself. And of course REST as my mind becomes more active my sleep can take a toll.

Ahhh I hate when I’m so serious but you do kinda want to take these things seriously I guess. And there haven't been waves so that makes it harder but there back today so time to surf.



6 hours before we leave to the airport.
Okay the stress and nerves left after the other day just started to get into comp mood.

Stretch, Eat, Surf, Rest and repeat

Now that it's almost time for the airport, better start packing.

I lay everything out floor in my bedroom

Clothes, passport, surf hardware, snacks, stickers etc

Make sure everything is charging. 

The kitchen is covered with my surfboards and board bags.

First I pack the boards and my hand luggage, I like to pack light. 



Done this enough times now it's quick enough my housemate makes me dinner while I throw my earphones in and get it done.

Toms fundraising 
In the world of competitive sports, the journey to the top is often paved with obstacles, both physical and financial. For athletes like myself and my teammate, the support of our community can make all the difference. As we gear up for the biggest competition of our calendar, the outpouring of support from our small seaside town has been nothing short of overwhelming.


From the outset, the road to this competition has been challenging. As dedicated athletes, we've poured countless hours into training, sacrificing personal time and resources to pursue our passion. However, despite our commitment and determination, the financial burden of competing on a global stage loomed large.

That's where our community stepped in. With unwavering enthusiasm and generosity, friends, family, and local businesses rallied behind us, offering their support in any way they could. From organizing fundraising events to spreading the word on social media, the collective effort to help us reach our goal was truly inspiring.



But it wasn't just about raising funds. The emotional support we received from our town was equally invaluable. Encouraging messages, heartfelt gestures, and words of encouragement served as constant reminders that we were not alone in our pursuit of greatness.

As the competition draws near, the sense of pride and gratitude we feel toward our community is immeasurable. Their belief in us has fueled our determination to succeed, propelling us forward even when the road ahead seemed daunting.

In the end, our journey is about more than just winning. It's about the power of community, the strength of unity, and the boundless possibilities that arise when people come together to support a common cause.

To everyone who has played a part in our journey, whether through financial contributions or words of encouragement, we extend our deepest thanks. Your support has not only helped us realize our dreams but has also reminded us of the incredible power of community spirit.


4 days til we fly out 
As the biggest competition of the year approaches, I find myself in a mix of emotions. There's excitement, of course, and a sense of readiness that comes from months of dedicated training. But alongside that, there's also a desire to maintain a sense of normalcy, to keep my mind focused and grounded.

While the competition looms large in my mind, I've found solace in the familiarity of routine. It's a way to keep my focus away from the upcoming challenge while still ensuring that I'm physically and mentally prepared for whatever lies ahead.

So, as I approach the starting line with a smile on my face and a calmness in my heart, I know that the balance between excitement and routine has been the key to my preparation. And whatever the outcome, I'll step into the arena knowing that I've done everything I can to give it my all.


6 hours pre flight 
With just six hours until my flight, the rush of anticipation is palpable. Amidst the flurry of activity, I find myself double-checking my packing list, ensuring that essentials like boards, fins, and passport are safely stowed away. Every item meticulously accounted for, every detail scrutinized. As I zip up my bags, I know that while everything else is a bonus, the essentials are firmly in place, ready to carry me to my next adventure.