Part 1: Preparations and first stop Spain


After a difficult year for Paco's health, and given that our motorhome has broken down, it was time to find our new home on wheels. After many unsuccessful attempts and numerous trips to other parts of France, we finally found the "rare gem". A 1991 Peugeot J5, with the same engine as our old motorhome, which made our choice all the more convincing.

For the first time, we had an empty van to fit out according to our preferences. It took us 3 weeks to be able to live in it.

Once that was done, and given the budget we had left, our choice fell on southern Europe and North Africa.

So we headed for the north coast of Spain. On the programme: tapas and surfing



Spain - First part

Paco's first time in the water after 9 months without surfing was in the Spanish Basque country. It was a rather difficult start considering the conditions.

Paco & Isis REBEL SURF CO:Paco & Isis REBEL SURF CO:


We went through quite a few depressions with strong winds and big swells. Cantabria proved more forgiving for us, with some lovely longboard sessions. Knowing this coast well, we were able to make the most of it despite the constant rain.

Paco & Isis REBEL SURF CO:Paco & Isis REBEL SURF CO:Paco & Isis REBEL SURF CO:


First trip to the garage after tearing off a piece of the exhaust line on a track. The first of many to come...

It's good to be back on the road and Foster is the happiest, discovering new landscapes every day.


Paco & Isis REBEL SURF CO:


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