Paddle Paddle

Surfing is universal. Regardless of nationality, gender or religion, surfing opens up a limitless culture where new opportunities can arise for those in need. 

PADDLE PADDLE makes surfing accessible for socially-disadvantaged groups worldwide, giving them new perspective on themselves and their possibilities. The NGO collects donated surfboards, repairs them and organises surf lessons and workshops on a global scale with local NGOs from developing nations. 

In India women are supported in their emancipation. In South Africa children are helped out of the slums. In the USA young people are being rehabilitated. Paddle Paddle uses the universality of surfing to achieve this. Depending on personal background or unique situation surfing can be used for sport, therapy, confidence boosting or even to add meaning to life. 

In addition to social goals, the project also pursues tangible environmental goals. Unusable boards are professionally recycled and saveable boards are given a longer lifespan, equalling less waste and less CO2.

Another valuable lesson taught by Paddle Paddle is the ecological sensitivity of the oceans. Surfers witness first hand the effects of marine pollution and therefore are often very eager to promote environmental awareness. 

Paddle Paddle is massive teamwork made up of hundreds of volunteers, numerous NGOs and extensive logistics, warehouses and shipping companies, all working hand in hand for a good cause. Rebel Fin is happy to be on board! We donate fins so that the boards reach their destination in optimal condition, ready to be used. We also sell special edition Paddle Paddle fins, of which 100% of proceeds go to the project.

You can be a supporter too! Contribute your old surfboards or help via cash donations. You can find out everything you need to know on the Paddle Paddle website.

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