Malorie Knox Surfers

Malorie Knox Surfer | REBEL FIN CO.

A movement aiming to represent a more badass side of women in the board sports industry, we’re for ladies in the shadows who get easily overseen and are not often enough represented by the masses.

Developed by a sewing lady and a Volvo rider, creating magic with their hands became their low-cost power tool and eventually they started printing their own merch and stitching flags for all the pirates of this world.

Meet us in parking lots, drink with us in old tascas, read our rare portraits of female characters, buy some of our bad art and surf the waves of existence with us in all their most beautiful ugliness.

The Malorie Knox Surfers entered the universe and are here to stay! Never perfect, always falling but with the most rare smiles.

Malorie Knox Surfers | REBEL FIN CO.


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