Malin Sjöstedt


We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest ambassador: Malin Sjöstedt, a Swede whose life is one adventure and who is passionate about nature.

Malin's life is a wild journey. She has already traveled to 30 countries, absorbing countless cultures, landscapes and experiences. From the sunny beaches of Aruba to the wild jungles of Sri Lanka to the funky shores of New Zealand and the laid-back vibes of Australia and England.

A true adventurer, Malin has dabbled in various fields during her travels, from marketing communications to photography and creative arts. Her impressive skills allow her to capture the beauty of the world through various creative lenses.

When she's not riding the waves, Malin lives the nature lover's life. She is dedicated to gardening and grows her own vegetables. But it's not just about green thumbs; it's about environmental awareness. She also uses natural materials for her art and draws with natural bioplastics and pigments to remain environmentally friendly. To see more of Malin's art and her deep connection to nature, visit her website here.

Surfing is a big part of Malin's life. She surfs with 9'0, 9'1 and 9'4 longboards, preferring the classic single fin style. It's not just a hobby; it is a way of life that connects her with the power of the ocean.



While her past is filled with epic adventures, Malin is now starting a new chapter. She recently bought a house on Sweden's south coast and believes in creating a home that feels at one with nature and explores the hidden treasures right on her doorstep - lonely waves in snowy areas near her new abode.

In the coming months, Malin will primarily explore local spots. In a world struggling with climate change, Malin believes the way she used to travel is just not an option no more. We all need to learn how to appreciate and explore our home territories. Her love for her home shows her as an environmentally conscious ambassador.

We are very happy to have Malin on our team and we can't wait to ride the wave with her as she shares her passion for adventure, nature and sustainable living with us. Welcome, Malin!


Malin on Insta