Maia Walczak is an artist and popular author from Cornwall, UK. In her images she captures the wonders of nature and celebrates life, compassion and the connection of all things.

Maia loves the ocean and nature, and it shows in her well-known surfboard art and award-winning books. The memories of her grandfather's wooden cottage in the forest are her constant inspiration, which is very different to her childhood in London.

Her latest work, "Wylder," a wordless children's book, showcases the beauty of forests and gentleness through illustrations. Maia's art goes beyond words and invites us to marvel at the profound mystery of existence.

When Maia is not surfing or drawing, she is passionate about collecting wild plants and draws inspiration from her early nature experiences. Their home on the Cornish coast is the perfect place for their love of surfing and their deeper connection to the world.

In Maia's world, art and nature merge beautifully, giving us a glimpse into the inextricable connection of existence.


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