Lisa Boos


Lisa Boos was born in sunny California after her parents emigrated there from Germany 20 years ago. At the age of eight she started surfing, learning at South Bay in Southern Cali. From a young age she joined her school surf teams and began taking part in competitions. "That's when I fell in love with surfing!" explained Lisa, “Jumping into the water and surfing with my classmates every morning at 6:30am before school was the coolest thing I could imagine.”


Over the last 10 years she has travelled all over the world to take part in surf competitions. Lisa is on the German National Team, and has also taken part in the World and European Championships. “I often travel back and forth between California and Germany, previously because of my grandparents, but now also because I have a lot of fun surfing on the river!”

With a number of wins under her belt, Lisa became the German Longboard Champion in 2023. She also won the German Open Women Champion in 2022, which her mum also won exactly 20 years earlier! Alongside these achievements she’s scored podium places at Rapid surf comps across Germany with an overall season finish of 2nd.

Alongside surfing, Lisa is a beach lifeguard in California and, when in Germany, occasionally volunteers at the Wellenbezwingen e.V., an organisation that helps to integrate refugee children from war zones and bring them closer to surfing.


We’re stoked to have her on the team and are looking forward to seeing her in the water, whether that’s in the sea or the river. 


Lisa on Insta