Laru Beya


The Laru Beya Collective is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the historically excluded youth of the Far Rockaways through surfing. Laru Beya means “on the beach” in the language of the Garifuna; a culturally preserved and unique Afro-Indigenous people still residing throughout Central America and the Caribbean.

Formed in 2018, the Laru Beya Collective exists to provide education and access for the youth of the Far Rockaways, as well as addressing the challenges to BIPOC surfers. Representation matters—our programs are structured around our mission to diversity. Additionally, Laru Beya creates long-term access to well-rounded mentorships, building connections within the surfing community, while incorporating sustainability and driving positive change in environmental movements.

The collective believes community service plays an important role in achieving these changes, as such our goal allows for an expanded worldview; the development of leadership skills, and the confidence to realize how their actions have a direct positive impact on the community.

With a purchase of our Laru Beya Charity Surf Fins you can support the organization by donating 30% of the proceeds.