Kilian Burac

Kilian Burac REBEL FIN CO.

Growing up next to the ocean, Kilian’s father has always encouraged him to try as many board and water sports as possible; surfing, SUPing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and even wing-foiling. From an early age he skateboarded, shortboarded and longboarded, and his parent’s love of travel has taken him to famous waves all over the world, from Lower Trestles and Jeffrey’s Bay. "I was able to discover very different cultures and therefore very different relationships with surfing and the ocean. I also had the chance to surf lots of different waves; reefs, point breaks, beach breaks and more.”

Kilian explained that even though he has a preference for SUPing, he never wanted to solely focus on one sport, “That's why today I still do everything. I think it's great to do it all because you can ride all the time, in all conditions, and everywhere!”

"What I find fascinating about surfing is that you can't choose how the waves will be so you have to learn to understand the ocean, read the waves and tame them.” Kilian started competing a few years ago, and just scooped 3rd place at the SUP French Championships. "I find it very interesting because we always outdo ourselves to try to win.”

Aside from water-time and board sports, Kilian just started film school. He is passionate about audio-visual and loves making surf and travel films with his friends. 

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Kilian Burac REBEL FIN CO.